Ever since we came back from Barcelona (read about our incubator program here) we’ve been looking for new and interesting concepts to work on. Luckily, we met up with like-minded old friends and we decided to work on a few new and a few older ideas. As author Victor Peters had been publishing books for years (over 90 in total) he felt a change was in order, so he asked Anneke (my girlfriend) and me if we’d be interested in collaborating. Since the game he had created years ago was lying around his house as a prototype, it required a few touches before the world could experience its premise. We converted the wooden prototype into a 3D-printed one and made some light changes in gameplay. The result is a fun and strategic board game second to none and we are looking forward to getting this out on the open. Expect a Kickstarter update for a game called Jeex later this year!

Board game jam

We also participated in a board game jam this summer and are very happy with the result. An easygoing card game came out of this experience and was received quite well by the audience and judges. We might turn ‘Sloppy Joe’ into a commercial game after the work on Jeex is done, so keep an eye out for this tasty card collector. In the meantime, here’s some of the great artwork for this game:



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