Last week was a busy one for me. I reviewed The second entry of The Wolf Among Us series, which was sadly a rushed episode (6.5/10). Furthermore, I got to review Dungeon Keeper Mobile and we decided to review it as a genuine game. This naturally resulted in me having to grant it a 1 out of 10, the one point being exclusively for the perfect translation to Dutch. As a game, Dungeon Keeper has no substance whatsoever and the broken game mechanics make it an absolute disaster, even when you consider it solely as a F2P experience. Luckily, other mobile titles such as Castle Doombad, Bardbarian and Flappy Bird kept us interested that week.

This month I also produced an article about movie games, taking 2013 as a new low in history. Star Trek for consoles was an abomination, Pacific Rim was a mobile game that should never have been brought to consoles. In terms of mobile movie games, 2013 was quite the year. A few fun card games based on Star Trek and Star Wars were published and even as we speak, new Star Wars games keep on rolling out in the App Store. Finally I had the pleasure of publishing a new lesson in game design, which will be included in version 2.0 of So You Want to Be a Game Designer! Keep a lookout for that book, it’s a fun project and could provide very helpful for aspiring game developers.

My highlight of the last month was Detective Grimoire, an atmospheric whodunnit, entertaining from start to finish. The mechanics were fresh and the story was absolutely lovely. In my review of Smoke and Mirrors, I even refer to Detective Grimoire as the game that blew both me as well as Smoke and Mirrors out of the water. Telltale could really learn a thing or two from Tom and Adam Vian of SFB Games.

Here are the articles for references, these are all in Dutch (but hey, if you’re clicking on these, so are you)


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