Hello, I’m Merijn

Author, speaker, project manager & coach  

What I do

I produce apps and games, publish books and coach entrepreneurs. Furthermore, I manage an accelerator for aspiring game developers. Occasionallly, I organise events where I combine games with other art forms.



I create apps, games and write books.

Examples of  my apps and games

Guest lectures / speaking

I speak at events and regularly provide guest lectures at universities.



I help companies adjust to the digital age.

Example of a project

Subsidiary advice

I help startups and foundations apply for subsidiary funding.


Operating from the largest entertainment industry in the world, I adapt what we learn in gaming to other industries.

Training & coaching

I provide training, coaching and workshops for teams, schools and individuals.

2018-2019: a year in review

In 2018-2019 I had the privilige of helping several startups set up shop in The Netherlands. Within the Indietopia Accelerator we were able to provide workshops, training and coaching for both companies within the game industry as well as schools and universities that would benefit from a gamified approach.

Work places created in 2018

Projects supported in 2018

Workshops and seminars organised in 2018

Grants acquired in 2018

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